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Come on, ya knew I had to have `em.
1. You must be a fan of the relationship between Yami Bakura & Yugi.   Friendship or romantic, whichever floats your boat.  That IS why you're signing up, ne?
2. You must submit your name, country, and email to apply.
2a. Name - Nicknames are okay, but no numbers, sTicKY CaPs or character names!  (i.e.~Yugi, Kaiba, Bakuralover, etc)  If you submit these types of names, I will edit them accordingly. Also, if you use your real name, DON'T give your family (last) name!  If I think you've submitted your family name, I will shorten it to the first initial.
2b. Country - This should be easy.  Per TFL rules you must give your country.  (i.e.~ USA, France, Scotland, Egypt, etc.)
2c. Email - Even if you don't want it listed, I still need a valid email from you, especially if you have a website.  This is how I will contact you with major site changes that you will need to know.  Seriously.   Your email won't end up on a weird spam list or get handed over to some commerical site.  It's just so I can contact you if needed.
3. If you have a website, a code must be present somewhere locatable on your site.  Either the main page, a cliques page, or something similar.  Please have it on your site before you apply.

Got it? Okay!  Head here and get signed up!  ^_^